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Peeling the back of deoderents

I hate the word peeling....I would think that many people do, considering the fact that people think its cool to hate certain words now, or so it seems 0_o Anyways, I cant wait until I get to go to Germany and Austria next summer. I want to burst into epileptic seizures every time I consiider the fact that I have never left the Southeast of America. Did you know that Alexander the Great was epileptic? I can see it now, with him leading his father's calvary at 18, then suddenly bursting into a fit of twitching. xD I'm so horrible. But know the British never say anywho?....but enough of this useless trivia, I'm bored if you cant tell. But what is bored when ya dont live in a chicken coop? Sorry, I just remember this hallocaust was sad. I'm listening to the two things review their yearbook, and shooting them the occasional remark to not gossip.
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